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At the Galway Rape Crisis Centre we recognize that we could not offer such a wide range of services without the ongoing support of our dedicated volunteers. They are the backbone of the organization. We are committed to the care and training of our volunteers. All volunteers receive extensive training from our volunteer coordinators and other staff members. In addition we provide regular supervision, which allow volunteers to share insights and receive mutual support. These meetings also include ongoing training and inputs from other organizations as required.

We recruit for our volunteer teams on a twice-yearly basis. Recruitment is advertised on the GRCC website and through the local press. GRCC receives many requests for volunteering opportunities, unfortunately we cannot reply to requests for internships, work experience or Client Counselling work outside these specific times. However, we welcome fundraiser volunteers anytime of year, please see fundraising section on this page for more information.
Psychological Supporters for SATU
The Galway Rape Crisis Centre has a dedicated group of volunteers who are available to offer support to women and men who are attending the Garda Station, A & E or Sexual Assault Treatment Unit in Galway.

The Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU) opened its doors in Galway in 2009. The SATU provides a multidisciplinary response to sexual assault and rape, bringing together the Gardai, medical staff, and GRCC support workers. The SATU gives essential care and forensic support to people who have been the survivors of sexual assault and rape. GRCC provide a 24 hour, 365 day a year psychological support service for survivors of recent sexual assault and rape.

Train with GRCC and become involved in providing this much needed service in our local community.

Find more details here

Volunteer Counsellors
Volunteer counsellors form an integral part of the services provided by GRCC.

Find information and an application form here on the upcoming training for counsellors and psychotherapists.

Fundraising Volunteers
Do you have a few hours to spare every now and then? Volunteering is a great opportunity to meet people, have fun, and help us to support survivors of sexual abuse in Galway. We run events all year round and we are always looking for volunteers to help us out. If you can spare any time, we would love to hear from you. Your efforts truly can make a difference. For further information, please contact us on 091 564800 or e-mail admin@grcc.ie.
GRCC recruits Interns twice yearly, due to the number of requests from people wishing to be an Intern at the centre we cannot reply to each person individually. Internships will be advertised on the website and through local press
Mags – GRCC Intern 

I began interning with GRCC in March 2014. A women’s studies student at the time, I wanted to learn more about the sector and gain some skills in fundraising. After six weeks, not only had I gained valuable experience in fundraising, advocacy and administration, I had a deeper understanding and respect for the work of Rape Crisis Centres and the services they provide. One of the first things I noticed was how dedicated the staff were to the care of their clients.

I remember one afternoon a client dropped in a thank you present of a hyacinth flower, representing her journey as a survivor, and a card explaining how important the centre has been in helping her heal. Misconceptions I held about sexual violence, in particular, the recovery process, were soon displaced. This internship inspired me to write my Master’s dissertation on the issue of sexual violence and raise funds by running races for the YOUR campaign. I enjoyed the experience so much I came back a year later to volunteer two days a week. I know the experiences and relationships I have formed here will be invaluable to me in my future career, and I would encourage anyone who is interested in volunteering to sign up straight away!

Tricia – Fundraising Volunteer

When I stand out on the streets of Galway collecting for the GRCC there are two comments I constantly hear. ‘That’s such a worthy cause’ and ‘It’s badly needed’. Many say nothing at all but their donations speak volumes. Such generosity shows just how supportive people are in spirit and financially especially with the economic downturn. For me, it’s only a few hours out of my day, a few times a year and is very heartening to see such responses. Other volunteers I’ve met feel exactly the same way too. Time that costs nothing but makes a huge difference to the GRCC who rely heavily on fundraising events to keep their doors open due to on-going demand for it’s services.

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